Cost Segregation Studies

Our "in-house" team of  Civil, Mechanical and Electrical, Construction Engineers, Accounting Tax Professionals, and Commercial Real Estate Brokers offer our clients the most savings and reliable studies. We consistently maximize our clients Cash Flow.

Audit Defense

Encore Financial Solutions, provides a Free Audit Defense Guarantee  to each and every one of our projects. If challenged by the IRS, we will defend our studies at no cost to you.

Do You Qualify for Cost Segregation?

Everyone would benefit from increased cash flow through additional depreciation deductions.  Cost segregation allows the following to qualify:

1. Those who have purchased, built or renovated any investment or commercial property after 1986  (who pay taxes).

2. New Construction .

3. Purchase of Existing Property

4.Renovations or Expansions  of existing property

5. Leasehold Improvements


What is Cost Segregation?


Cost segregation is an under utilized yet real means of increasing cash flow through accelerated depreciation of building costs. Most people miss out on these extraordinary tax benefits.  Our engineering and accounted cost segregation study allows building owners to write off their new or existing building  in the shortest amount of time allowed under the existing tax laws; which minimizes their overall tax liability.

In the past many people have only depreciated the entire cost of their commercial or investment property over the 39 or 27.5 year life, which resulted in missing out on massive amount of tax benefits.  With our engineering and accounted based cost segregation study, a wide range of building components, such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical components, and finishes are identified and reclassified into 5, 7 and 15-year property depreciation resulting in and immediate increase in your cash flow.

By engaging with Encore Financial Services through our engineering and accounted based cost segregation study property owners can realize substantial increases in their cash flow.


Our Engineer & CPA Combo is a Win!

Certified Public Accountants are the top in their fields, however, they can only work with the numbers provided to them.  Encore Financial Solutions can provide your CPA information to ensure that you have  accurate depreciation deductions through Fully Engineered and Accounted Cost Segregation Analysis. The combination of our skilled Engineers and CPA's creates a complete win-win situation for everyone.